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coloquio 17 de mayo 2024
Publicado el 13 May 2024 12:52 PM



Marco A Badilla, UC Berkeley, Economics PhD Candidate

Resumen del coloquio: Exams are a universal feature of education systems. The predictive capacity of these assessments regarding future academic and labor achievements, and their impact on equity issues, has long been a topic of discussion. This project examines the potential ramifications of eliminating exams as the standard evaluation tool throughout a whole educational stage. We delve into the different mechanisms that might materialize an effect on labor market outcomes and the differential impact by: gender, wealth, and academic rank. More specifically, we investigate the effects of fully eliminating and substituting exams and quizzes with group projects throughout all classes and programs at ULACIT University in Costa Rica.

Modalidad:  virtual


Detalles: viernes 17 de mayo 12m.d. Transmisión FB Live. Escuela de Economía



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ID de reunión: 841 9131 5940