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coloquio 8 de septiembre
Publicado el 05 Sep 2023 2:56 PM

Coloquio: School committees versus centralized targeting.

Expositor: Dr. Arturo Aguilar Esteva - Universidad ITAM

Resumen del coloquio: Two alternative ways to select beneficiaries of a cash transfer program implemented in Mexican high-schools are contrasted. One method follows the ranking of applicants suggested by a school committee while the other is based on a centrally-formed needs-based ranking. Of the beneficiaries selected, 62% would have been chosen regardless while 38% depend on the procedure randomly assigned to their school. Evidence suggests that committees: (i) sacrifice poverty of the grantees in exchange of merit, (ii) better identify falsification of information and (iii) follow a procedure that is not possible to replicate using a classification algorithm. If assigned via committees, school outcomes show a 3.1 p.p. increase in dropout rates, which contrasts with a 0.18 s.d. increase in GPA and a 5.5 p.p. increase in passing grades. These effects are totally driven by beneficiaries who depend on the targeting procedure assigned.

Modalidad: Presencial
Detalles: Facultad Ciencias Económicas, Miniauditorio 244 CE.
Fecha: viernes 8 de septiembre del 2023, 12 m.d.