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Coloquio: Gender, Grade Sensitivity, and Major Choice
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Paola Ugalde Araya, Universidad Estatal de Louisiana

It has been documented that the probability of women switching out of male-dominated majors -- like STEM and business -- is more sensitive to their performance in relevant courses at the beginning of their college career relative to men. However, the reasons why women and men react differently to grades during college, and how this behavior impacts their major choices, are not well understood. Using a novel survey, I estimate students' sensitivity to grades and find that women value an extra GPA point about $3,000 more than men. I find that anticipated labor market discrimination in male-dominated fields is important to understand the gender gap in grade sensitivity. I provide evidence of the gender differences in beliefs about labor market discrimination in different fields, and show that beliefs about gender discrimination in the labor market account for 48% of the gender gap in grade sensitivity.

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Detalles: viernes 14 de junio 12m.d. Transmisión FB Live. Escuela de Economía



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